Covid-19 update: We are open and available to support your online events and remote productions.

Online Event Production

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to unfold and stay-home orders were announced, we immediately started assisting clients with taking their in-person events online. We know your events, programs, galas, awards shows, conferences, and graduations are too important and time sensitive to cancel. With our all-remote livestreaming solution, we are here to help you continue to engage your audiences with virtual events while following social distancing guidelines from home.

We have been livestreaming since 2006 and our highly experienced production team is ready to produce your online events.


I’m most appreciative of the superb logistical and technical execution, from our amazing partners! You all just set a new path for community building and engagement, much needed during these critical times.

 —Fabian Freire, Associate Director of Digital Content, The New School


Basic Remote Livestream

  • All presenters/speakers are in a closed Zoom meeting with a Really Useful Media producer
  • We take the speakers’ video feeds and produce a polished livestream for your preferred  platform (Livestream, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or our white label video player)
  • This is a one-way broadcast: it’s view-only to your audience (no talk-back with voice/video), but with options for text chat and Q&A
  • A Really Useful Media producer directs the livestream:
    • muting/unmuting each presenter at their turn to speak
    • live switching holding slides, presentation graphics, and pre-recorded videos
    • hiding the Zoom user interface to keep the visual focus on the presenters
    • troubleshooting with any panelists having technical issues via one-on-one chat
  • Custom add-ons are available:
    • logo bug
    • lower third titles with speaker IDs or calls-to-action for viewers
    • hold music, live captions
    • simulcasting to multiple social media channels
    • pre-recorded content production
    • registration gate to collect viewer info
  • We provide advance support to your speakers to walk them through the process and make sure they look and sound great
  • The viewer experience is largely the same for any livestream: it’s as simple as pressing play on a video. No downloads or advance registration required.


Broadcast-style Remote Livestream

Our broadcast approach includes all of the core services above, with additional polish and graphics to resemble a live television broadcast. We work closely with your team on the creative concept for your event, translating it into technical solutions and a carefully crafted run of show. Additional services include:

  • creation of custom pre-recorded and live graphics
  • coaching or rehearsal for presenters
  • sending equipment packages to presenters to improve production values from home

This is the perfect solution for signature events such as annual meetings and conferences, tightly produced shows, high profile events with VIPs and celebrity presenters, or virtual galas and awards.

Advantages to this approach to online events:

  • More broadcast polish than a traditional videoconference meeting or webinar
  • No download for viewers
  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Fewer restrictions on outside participants
  • Smooth transitions with holding slides, music, graphics
  • More Q&A moderation control
  • No need to moderate view-only users in Zoom
  • Easy for viewers to share out to others on social media


We got a ton of great feedback about the videos. So even with everyone so focused on this crazy, scary situation, you helped us share something positive and make people feel good about the work we do. Thank you!

—Nicole Gudzowsky, Enterprise Community Partners



Embed direct



Embed stream on your website





Stream direct to social media





Live graphics and video playback





Gallery view and live chat for audience interaction





Picture-in-picture to display live graphics


Want to see an all-remote livestream in action? Check out our portfolio of recent online events!