2022 year in review

Thank you to the amazing crew of camera operators, sound mixers, grips, gaffers, makeup artists, teleprompter operators, animators, editors, directors of photography, producers, project managers, stage managers, technical directors, Zoom technicians, and more who made more than 100 productions possible in 2022:

Rachel Altieri
Joel Barham
Danny Belinkie
Kamien Bell
Chris Burke
Sherwin Chao
Tom Clement
Johnny Coleman
Lawrence Crocker
Alison Fast
Jessica Glass
Terry Golob
Chandler Griffin
Travis Harper
Andy Hassell
Inspired Storytellers Collective
Erica Jaffe
Jabari Jefferson
Khyber Jones
Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre
Kerry King
Dave Klasko
Emily Kornblut
Larissa Lamothe
Susan Lanier
Sahid Limon
Patrick Mandeville
Michelle Michelson and the Prompster team
Carola Myers
Grace Phillips
Odyssey Productions
Corey Poindexter
Nicolae Rita
Ben Rohletter
Joshua Simon and Spinach Pie Productions
Sam Song
Spark Street Digital
Gil Sperling
Khalid Straker
Jessica Thommes
Paul Toohey
Kate Tooley
Jake Viator
Dan Winckler
David Zlutnick

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