Cancer Research Institute Patient Stories

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As the field of cancer immunotherapy has expanded with dramatic scientific breakthroughs, we have profiled over twenty patients whose lives were changed by these groundbreaking treatments. Our team has traveled to more than ten states to film on location in patients’ homes and hospitals.

Stories in this series have been released as part of the annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month awareness campaign and served as gala videos at CRI’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Client: Cancer Research Institute
  • Executive Producer: Emily Kornblut
  • Director of Photography: Dan Winckler
  • Editor: Dan Winckler
  • Editor: Patrick Mandeville
  • Sound/Second Camera: Joshua Simon
  • Post-Production Audio: Chris Burke
  • Sound Operator (Seattle): Joel Barham
  • Sound/Second Camera: Jeff Arak
  • Sound/Second Camera (LA): Danny Belinkie
  • Sound Operator (Memphis): Elijah Wilson
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