NYSCI 2020 Virtual Gala

We produced all aspects of NYSCI’s virtual gala, including remotely capturing and editing pre-recorded segments; distanced filming on location at the museum for key elements; editing montages with archival video content, and production of the night-of event, including multiple live speakers. In order to translate a signature element of past in-person galas to virtual, we pitched the creative concept for the At Home Science Moment and developed a hybrid production that was then edited with an all remote look. This allowed us to meet multiple client goals: creating a bilingual component, inviting a member family to participate, and ensuring the segment would flow seamlessly with the rest of the gala programming. We also helped NYSCI build excitement for the event by editing pre-event social media teasers. After the event, we leveraged gala content to promote their mission with a new highlights video that has become part of their year end appeal.  


Client: New York Hall of Science
  • Producer: Dan Winckler
  • Producer: Emily Kornblut
  • Technical Director: Joshua Simon
  • Virtual Stage Manager: Terry Golob
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