The Nation Festival

The Nation Festival really exceeded our expectations and your team were a big part of that. We heard lots of praise about the production quality and a number of people told me it was the most seamless virtual event they’ve ever attended. The speakers and the audience were all very happy with the event.

-Peter Rothberg, Associate Publisher, The Nation






We successfully produced the first-ever Nation Festival as an online event, with more than 40 live speakers from around the world, including Senator Bernie Sanders, Prime Minister of Iceland Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, and many other marquee guests. In pre-production, we consulted on platform and technical feature selection to help the event team meet their goals for audience interactivity, engagement, and fundraising.  We also remotely produced key pre-recorded segments and created broadcast-quality graphics and other production solutions to deliver four days of thoughtfully designed and engaging video content. 

Our virtual green room was the perfect solution for the festival’s fast-paced schedule, supporting an event team working with so many high profile speakers. This online space allows our stage manager to prep speakers before their session, and lets the client team meet with their guests. We also send in a feed of the live program so everyone can watch the event right there, just like you would backstage in an in-person green room.

Client: The Nation
  • Producer: Dan Winckler
  • Producer: Joshua Simon
  • Virtual Stage Manager: Paul Gale
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